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December 11, 2011
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And Here We Are Once More... by ProfessorPemzini And Here We Are Once More... by ProfessorPemzini
I wandered and wandered, following this feeling tugging at my heart. It was crying, "Follow me. I know where it is." 'Know where what is?' I wondered. I followed it, regardless of what would happen. I've lost master...they are all gone. No one was left. I didn't have anything else to lose, so I followed. My numb paws, reluctant to touch the icy snow with each step, carried me onwards. But then, they stopped. I felt the warmth of a candle lit room kiss my bloodstained fur. Then, a scent. A familiar...scent. It was welcoming...inviting...loving. I turned my eyes to the right and laid them upon a sight they longed for so long...Laying on a bed...old...and tired from the war. My master.

Just some more on Roy's story. After the war, losing his brother and father, Roy wanders off...not caring where he was going. Unknowingly, his was bringing himself back to his home. Which he hasn't seen in years. He comes across a hospital, where all the humans that served in the war were being treated. Amongst the chaos and panic in the room, Roy spots a familiar figure, his master.

Music: [link]

Thanks for looking! :)

Roy and story to me, *ProfessorPemzini
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DetectiveScheper Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2013  Student Digital Artist
This whole time I never considered adding this lovely piece of emotional, beautiful masterpiece of storytelling into my favorites! How could I forget to?!? I love this one... The lighting, tone and feel to it just moves me so much to tears... It's all just so lovely and I adore the idea of the ending being bitter-sweet. I love those kinds of endings that are just sitting open for the reader's/viewer's interpretation. I don't think it could end on a stronger note than what you presented; It doesn't need to be overblown with sappiness, running in a golden field, or any complicated resolution - Just a simple implication of happiness after all the hell Roy went through, and the satisfaction that no matter the dangers and sadness he faced, he conquered all the odds and found his way home to his master after many months, or even years apart :’) That kind of ending for me is golden! And what amazes me even more as that there are true stories out there like this: Dog gets separated from his/her owner, and travels many miles to find them, and fights back any obstacles that get in his/her way and succeeds in finding his way back despite it all (Like the story of the Alaskan dogs in the Japanese Antarctic expedition in 1958 – Which inspired the films Nankyoku Monogatari and Eight Below). Some of these kinds of stories have been recalled in the military, as well!  Anyone who has gone through this may relate heavily to this story, or just about anyone who has ever felt the love of a dog :)

Am I the only who sees your work as a movie (I'm sure I asked this before, lol)? I can sort of imagine that when the screen goes black, the credits roll to this music showing amazing effects to go with it:… or…

I wonder what the title will be... Well, whatever it is, it just sounds so epic and might give everyone so many feels and shed manly tears because of how strong it is. Is the theme to the story Loyalty?
ProfessorPemzini Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Omg, thank you so much for this amazing comment! I appreciate this so much and I am so happy that you enjoy this picture, even with all the flaws it has in it. (I should re-draw this one) because it is one of my personal favorites.

I am such a sucker when it comes to sad dog movies, like holy crap, they are my absolute favorite. I am so sick of seeing all these kiddie movies when it comes to dogs. Like Hotel for Dogs, UGH. I mean yeah, they're cute, but totally not my thing. Hachi, Eight Below, Old Yeller, Plague Dogs ect, are my kind of dog films. I also love ending where it leaves you sort of shocked about how sad it was and leaves it open to whatever you want to believe (whether or not the main character lives or dies). The true stories of dogs traveling miles to return to their owners are amazing and are what sort of inspired me to work on this story.

And holy crap, that music you linked me to, that is the exact feel I want for this story!! I can totally see that first song playing when it reaches the end and the credit begin to roll. Like the army drums playing in the BG. Also the song "The Minstrel Boy", the BlackHawk Down version, is what also inspired me for this story. The song reminds me of Roy so much. 

I imagine this story as an animated film in my head. 2D and 3D are both possibilities for me. If it were 3D, I would like to see it realistically done, like really textured and realistic fur and stuff. As for the title, I haven't thought of one yet. I'm so picky when it comes to those things, so it'll take some time. (I've been working on this story since 2006) and I'm no where near finished. And yes, the theme of the story is loyalty. Because corgis are such loyal dogs even though they are so small, they'll defend their people regardless. I've seen it myself with my little Pemmie, Eowyn.  It's the breed what really inspired me for this story!
(so sorry for the huge wall of text) 
DetectiveScheper Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Aww, that's okay - The lengthy comments I consider the best 'cuz I get to know about just how dedicated they are in their works/opinions, depending on the subject.

I too love sad dog movies (Though I don't really see many these days, I could be wrong as I haven't been looking into many movies lately), because to me they just have some kind of soulful and unbreakable quality to them than the ones that go for comedy cannot reach, because it's easier to relate, and just leaves a heartfelt impression on the viewer/reader as it was so well written; that the story just impacts them hard in the chest and has them thinking about it for days on end... I find that most effective. I love the movie "My Dog Skip", which is a lovely family film. It does have some drama, especially around the third act, and little dabs of humor to even it out a bit in the first two acts before the heavy stuff arrives. I couldn't stop thinking about the movie "Dog of Flanders" because of how depressing it was, though I didn't really understand some parts of it, being really little at that time of viewing it. And then Lassie; that one little dog dying around the 3rd act really left me hanging in tears, and later had me sitting with my mom and talking about it with her along with my sisters because it upset us, though again, we were kids xD Oh wow, you've been writing it since 2006? That's long! I've been barely piecing my own stories together; I'm saving the strongest materiel for the characters since I feel they matter the most at the moment.

When I feel stuck with any of my stories (Whether it be the Detective-Dog 'Sleuthhound" series 1 and 2, the WW2 trilogy, that unnamed 19th century-anthropomorphic dog story, or that Great Depression one that also has no title) I've found that upon feeding my ears one or more lovely pieces of musical scores filled with heart really strike a chord with me for when I try to write an emotional scene for any character, and the whole time similar questions roll inside my head “What sort of emotional depth is this character feeling?”, “How can I approach his/her conflict without adding too much unwanted pressure, or force?”, “What exactly lead this character to where he/she is now?”, “How will he/she get out of this?”, “Will he/she fall into darkness or succeed in overcoming this mental struggle?” the list goes forever on. And by the time I feel I'm done listening to the music, I already know what I want for my stories and for the audience – To be able to start up a strong association with the characters that inhabit their own world, and to have the viewers find that they’re not so much different from them in theirs (Even though the characters are all dogs, lol). For setting up a really strong, often poignant sequence, I think it all connects better with the audiences' knowledge of already understanding the character as well, so they could feel for him when something tragic befalls him, and they’ll just keep hanging onto the edge of their seats, dying to witness how and when that character will rise up from the ashes and prevail, or have his grief/anger/desire consume him like fire... Aside from a great story and fantastic characters, I also think one of the other most important aspects in just about any film is the music, because without it, most films would often fall flat in really important scenes, but heck, I'm sure that even without any background music, the emotions and the believability in the film(s) would just be equally strong enough for it to carry well on its own, and as long as it succeeds in bringing out its message to its audience in clear perspective, it all sounds good enough for anybody ;D

And speaking of beautiful, epic music:… (A film I love – And its score served as the key inspiration for my WW2 Trilogy: A Memoir for Our Departed) Pretty much anything John Williams has written is gold:… (Yet another film whose score brought me a lot of inspiration for this one, though I have yet to watch it)

I just think that, overall, films or novels that contain such effective drama that in the end, bring so much emotions out of a person are one of the finest examples of masterful storytelling. I have a similar theme going on for my WW2 dog story, which I have yet to expand. But I have the theme "Loyalty" practically stamped on there, so hopefully it'll guide me along on my story-construction-journey x3 Speaking of which, I think one of the best ways to achieve a good, strong story is to really think about its theme, hold on to it and just listen to its voice very carefully. Or just think about how this band Daniel Amos went in one of its lyrics:

"Central theme, the most important thing.
Central theme, the tie that binds together."

And with that said, I think you two are already on the right track in accomplishing such a feat :’)
ProfessorPemzini Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I agree with every word you wrote in here! 

I try my best to get inside my character's head and think of how they will react realistically in that kind of situation. 
Music definitely adds to any scene in a movie, especially a sad scene. When a music score or song hits a certain
sequence of the right notes, omg, my heart breaks. 

Your stories are so awesome sounding. I really love anything do to with dogs and war themed, it just feels right for
some reason and when you add emotion into that, holy crap, it'll make an amazing story! For me, one of the biggest
inspirations for my story of Roy, is Hachi: A Dog's Tale. That is the exact style of emotion I see in his story.
The music, the POV of a dog and the ending. That ending is absolutely perfect. 

At night or anytime I have time to myself, I just sit there thinking of my stories and how I can make them better and
what I need to do to them to make them complete. It's crazy how our stories and characters have such a huge role
in our lives isn't it? I couldn't imagine not having characters or a story to work on. x3

I too love John Williams, it's so cinematic and emotional. It's perfection. 
I tend to do listen to music scores and if I get attached to the score, It's what usually inspires me to go forth and
watch the film.

Thanks so much and you too are on the right track as well! :heart:
DetectiveScheper Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thanks again! Just now, I came up with a very deep, depressing ending for my Sleuthhound series, though the writing is not yet over, as most of 'the muscles have not been applied to the bones', as I put it. I'm quite proud of it, however, mean-spirited as it is. And I got the whole idea just listening to a piece from Schindler's List, which lead to my writing out a very insane idea for Jerold, the main character. He becomes mentally scarred basically. Though there is too much to cover right now, as I'm still writing the ideas out and it would take fifty years to tell you the whole story (as much as I would love to do so), considering I change things back and forth, like constantly xD
ProfessorPemzini Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013  Student Digital Artist
That's so awesome! I love how inspiration and ideas can just hit you at any moment.
Feel free the share as much as you'd like! I'd be more than happy to hear.

I do the same, I have so many ideas, I tend to switch things up a lot until I find something I really like and flows nicely. x33
DetectiveScheper Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oooh, really? That's great to hear! I'd love to share my stories with you and Dez! Speaking of your story with Roy and musical connections, I was just listening to this song (… and Roy's struggles came to mind. I'm still not familiar with your story, but for some reason I can kind of see it as a theme-song...But you know your story better than I do, so you can decide xD
RainbowStr8ghtJacket Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
OHMYGOD! You make me cry every time I see your sad Corgis....I hurts bad ever since my family had our Pembroke stolen and our Cardigan ran away :icontearfulplz: This art is so emotional
ProfessorPemzini Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
What?! I'm so sorry to hear that. :( I couldn't imagine my dogs missing.
RainbowStr8ghtJacket Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

yea, our Pembroke was named Majors's Little Bear, but we called him BearBear. I swear he was the prettiest tri-colored ever! It looked like he had a tuxedo on, he was gorgeous! But one day while Me and my Twin were at high school, our little sister at middle school and our Mama at work, our neighbors [who hated us] picked him up and dropped him on the highway. I do we know that, because another neighbor who was a friend saw him walking on the side of the highway!! AND SHE DIDN'T THINK TO STOP AND GET HIM!! OHMYGOD! Till this day we have found him or even know what happened to him....God it hurts me so bad to even see a picture of a Pembroke Corgi that looks almost like him. I swear on Facebook I saw a picture of a Corgi puppy and it looked exactly like him...I spazzed out and made everyone look. Maybe it's a sign that he's alive or I might just be being ignorant. :iconshy--plz:

As for our blonde Cardigan Corgi, Thumper [Bear's son], he must have followed a female in heat because he kept disappear and a nice lady who was the CEO of The Lost Corgi Association [or something of that name] brought him back to us twice but we could never find him after the third time :iconlazycryplz:

Now my only wish is to get another Pembroke corgi like BearBear so I can name him BearBear Jr. nickname BJ and maybe even a blue Cardigan like your boy Roy [hey that rhymed]....but for now I can't but patience is a virtue

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